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Rainwrap being worn on bike with crossbarRainwrap being worn on bike with crossbar

The Rainwrap ® – Cycling Waterproof Skirt Wrap




GinD Red Rainwrap GinD Black Hustle & Bustle and Red Rainwrap GinD Petite Black Rainwrap 

The Rainwrap, the original waterproof skirt.

Combat the rain with this original Rainwrap, wrap-around rain skirt. A perfect alternative to waterproof trousers, it is blissfully easy to take on and off without the palaver of pulling over shoes.

To put on simply wrap it around like an apron with the reflective strap to the back.  Use of the garter prevents the Rainwrap from riding up in windy weather.

– keeps your legs dry cycling, walking and on a scooter!


– comes with a garter to prevent it from riding up in the wind. The garter can also be used to fasten the Rainwrap in a tube shape so you can carry it around easily, wet or dry. Just Wrap n’ Roll!

The only reason we don’t do it for you is that it might not fit in your letter box! Wrap’N’Roll!

– for instructions on how to use the garter click here.

– is high waisted to avoid gaping

– can be used on bikes with a cross bar

– can be used as a picnic/festival blanket for those damp lawns and fields!

– folds away quickly and easily!

– Noiseless, waterproof (10,000mm) fabric, lovely soft handle.

– Suitable for men as well as women!

“The rainwrap has arrived and it is fabulous! I absolutely love it and it fits very well.”Jenny


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Size Information

in cms
Hip Size
Petiteup to 9087
Small Shortup to 101.691.5
Smallup to 101.696.5
Mediumup to 109.296.5
Largeup to 114.396.5
XLup to 12796.5
Large Shortup to 114.391.5

No

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