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The waterproof and windcheating Bella Bumbrella Riding SkirtThe waterproof and windcheating Bella Bumbrella Riding Skirt

Equestrian Riding Skirt – The Bella Bumbrella ®





The Equestrian Riding Skirt: The Bella Bumbrella

Presenting the Bella Bumbrella! The new astride riding skirt from Georgia in Dublin!

The Bella Bumbrella will keep your legs, bum and saddle dry in wet conditions and is an excellent windcheater when out and about.

The high viz orange colour will stop traffic!

Put the skirt around your waist and clip the elastics around the leg below the knee, above the knee and around the thigh.  Weights are introduced in the hem so that the skirt does not fly while on the horse. To tighten the Bella Bumbrella around the saddle, simply pull on the bungees at either side of the skirt. You will find a velcro pocket in which to store the excess bungee.

  • 100% waterproof (10.000mm)
  • Available in Vineyard Green, Black, Navy and High Viz Orange.
  • Weighted in the hem (we recommend coins)
  • adjustable leg clips inside
  • One size fits most

Waterproof horse-riding skirtJupe imperméable à cheval - La Bella BumbrellaWaterproof horse-riding skirt

Have a look at our instructional video below: 

Size Information

Waist from UK size 8 to 16

Adjustable clips inside from 50cm up to 80cm around the thighs

No

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