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Elegant cotton striped blouse with high neckElegant cotton striped blouse with high neck

The Zola elegant Blouses




The Iris elegant blouse – White dots

The Genevieve elegant blouse – Stripes










To welcome the summer months let us introduce our newest addition to the Georgia in Dublin range; the Zola elegant blouses!

Designed and hand-made in Dublin from carefully selected cottons, with buttons self-covered in Co. Cork, these elegant blouses are a testament to the abilities and skills of Irish couturiers.

They are made in Ireland with self-covered buttons from 100% cotton and come in three styles:

  • The Iris Elegant Blouse

This is a Fin de siècle – style blouse with a high frill collar and lovely bows on the sleeves. Beautifully tailored with transparent insets, the Iris brings a charming elegance to any occasion. Wear it with the buttons at the back or try wearing it buttoned at the front! It works!

  • The Genevieve Elegant Blouse

The sophisticated Genevieve blouse has a simple high collar sculpted at the front for comfort. It too has transparent insets which show the detail of the cottons we have carefully selected. Again, wear it with the buttons to the back or to the front, whichever you prefer!

  • The Nikki Elegant Blouse

The Nikki is a short sleeved piece. Its sweet cap sleeves anchor the blouse and three adjustable tabs add lovely and functional detail. Wear it over bare skin or warm it up with a long-sleeved top!

Teamed with jeans or drainpipe trousers, a pencil skirt or riding habit the Zola blouse couture can’t help but allure!


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