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My first Carriage Driving Lesson

'No hour of life is wasted that is spent in the saddle'  ~ Winston Churchill Recently we did a photo shoot, to show the Hustle & Bustle and Rainwrap as an ideal carriage driving ensemble, with an esteemed carriage driver in Co. Kildare. Much as I love horses and...

Badminton in the Dublette!

In May we travelled through the unbelievably quaint Cotswold countryside to attend the Badminton Horse Trials in the grounds of the Duke of Beaufort's estate. For those of our readers to whom Badminton is all about shuttlecocks, the Badminton Horse Trials is...

Windmill Lane Recording Studios knocked!

U2 recorded their first album 'Boy' in Windmill Lane Studios (Dublin 2) in the 1980s. Apparently the drums for 'Boy' were recorded in the reception of the studios after hours (when phones had stopped ringing!) as the producer wanted to achieve the wonderful clattery...

Georgia in Berlin

Georgia in Berlin Georgia in Dublin exhibited at the Berlin Fahrradschau from the 20th-22nd March.The Berlin Fahhradschau is a really excellent show with so much to offer. It is very well planned and organised with a great playroom for children with super music...

Georgia’s Dublin

Welcome to Georgia's Dublin! We are delighted to be here to share the things we notice walking and cycling around our hometown of Dublin. We look forward to blogging regularly about its history and its landscape. We hope to share what is great and we love about...

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