GinD Red Dublette for Equestrians Elegant Riding Jacket Photo: Eoin Holland 

The Dublette, Expandable, Elegant Riding Jacket

The Dublette, expandable rain jacket is an elegant, light weight and waterproof jacket. It is designed to expand over a back protector and/or bulky layers.

When the bungees on the back and down the sleeves are tightened, the Dublette takes on its most elegant form with a cinched waist and fishtail swing at the back. The removable cape adds extra waterproofing on the shoulders which take the brunt of heavy rain.

Other features include an adjustable integrated hood, underarm ventilation zips, and noiseless, waterproof fabric with a soft handle.

Benefits of The Dublette for horse-riding:

1. The tail at the back goes out over the back of the saddle keeping the seat of the saddle and your bottom dry! The fishtail can also be adjusted to create a gathered, rounder shape by adjusting the bungees at the bottom of the jacket, still acting as protection over the back of the saddle.

2. The expandability of the jacket allows for back protectors to be worn underneath. It’s great for layering up in winter too.

3. The reflective detail on the back and sleeves make it a good garment for hacking on country roads.

NB: If riding in woodland, it is recommended that the bungees on the sleeve be reversed so that they sit to the back and don’t catch on anything. This is done by simply pulling the sleeve up through the bungee criss-cross so that when straightened again, the bungees sit to the back of the sleeve.

Other features of the Dublette:

– Mesh lining with inside pocket

– Sealed seams

– Storm flap covering zip

– High visibility detail down sleeves and back

– Adjustable integrated hood

– Detachable cape

– Pockets in side seams

– Underarm ventilation zips

– Noiseless, waterproof (10,000mm) fabric, lovely soft handle



                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Expandable cycling and horse-riding rain jacketExpandable cycling and horse-riding rain jacket



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GinD Red Dublette for Equestrians
Elegant Riding Jacket – The Dublette ®

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